Videos using High Speed Treadmill and Resistance Training

FT training video: NFL Combine Prep
FT training videos: Elvis Dumervil
FT training videos: The Process
Added Vertimax to product list
Split Soccer Team
Cords Coditioning
Adding stroops cords while using our treadmill creates power legs. No power...No speed!!
270 drill with Stroops 360 belt and 105lb resistance. Only do this with our safety rack to prevent injury.
No room in you gym to push sled! Get treadmill that can do it all
How are you doing your conditioning? Check out our tools and training to get the most out of your athlete!! 24MPH 14sec intervals.
Using HS Elite high speed treadmill in core of our training results in building Motor Engrams, which are specific neuro pathways that the body uses to perform specific tasks, without stimulation from the brain. Training at ones max every time builds stronger, faster and more confident athletes.
Stroops® High Resistance Slastix® long time staple, the 10 foot Accelerator has a unique characteristic that allows the athlete to feel like he is being pushed up against. The constant pressure when it is stretched has very close similarities to that of an opponent leaning or pushing against you without the physical wear on your body. Great training tool for pinning up against the cage when anchored on the opposing top side of the cage as your upper body must maintain constant pressure or you become susceptible to easy escapes etc.
Anaconda® brings out the inner beast of you that is generally reserved for competition.Anaconda counters every movement of your body demanding muscle contractions throughout the entire body. Traditional ropes only allow a single plane of force, with the incorporation of Slastix® throughout the entire length of the Anaconda athletes can now attack in three separate training planes. Involving the Anaconda to any level of training regimen is not only effective, fast & physically taxing it is also SAFE. In no other training movement, not even power cleans or other Olympic lifts can you replicate the incorporation of every major muscle group simultaneously WITHOUT having to lift a single lbs above your head. With resistances varying from 50 lbs -- 150 lbs at a max stretch (each) individuals at all levels can train with the Anaconda. Apart from being just a "battling rope", the Anaconda is also a Resistance training piece for explosive sprints, rotational movements engaging the core, Lateral training for core stability, reverse walking for lower body strength, & endurance for cardio sprints.

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